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Maxime‚Äôs is a family-owned and operated jewellery store proudly serving Calgary for over 40 years. Our passion is helping couples get engaged. This is why we specialize in engagement rings, wedding bands, and bridal jewellery.


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Brock B Brock B

Brock B.



The knowledgeable staff at Maxime has made shopping for an engagement ring so much easier. They were very helpful with picking out the perfect ring for my fiancé. I had no idea there were so many styles to choose from and I really wanted to surprise her with a ring that she’ll love forever.       READ MORE

Steve H Kim Steve H Kim

Steve H. & Kim


After shopping online and in what feels like every jewellery store in Calgary, I’m so glad that I took a friend’s recommendation to check out Maxime’s. My now fiancé and I had been searching for my perfect ring but none of them were quite right ...   READ MORE

Logan T Logan T

Logan. T.

My now wife Haley, was extremely close to her grandmother and always talks about her… So when her older sister approached me with her grandmother’s old engagement ring, I knew I had to use it. However, the ring was in really bad shape...    READ MORE