ORIS Watch

# 515-2000396 In Stock

ORIS Watch

# 515-2000396 In Stock

This version of the Rega Fleet Limited Edition has a case back engraved with an Airbus Rega rescue helicopter H145 and the registration HB-ZQJ. Here’s some information about the aircraft: Number of helicopters 7 Patient capacity 1 lying, 1 sitting Rotor diameter 11.00 m Length 13.64 m Height 3.95 m 2 engines, take-off power Arriel 2E, 2×894 HP Maximum flying speed approx. 230 km/h Rescue hoist 90 m, 270 kg The twin-engine H145 features cutting-edge avionics and navigation technology, is equipped with a four-axis autopilot, and can also perform satellitebased approach flights with extreme precision. Its spacious cabin means that it is predestined for special intensive care patient transports, such as with a heart-lung machine or a mobile incubator for premature babies.

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Stock Number 515-2000396
Style Number 79877734284-set
Department Timepieces
Type Watch

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For over 116 years, Oris has been making purely mechanical watches in Hölstein, Switzerland. Comprised of four worlds: Diving, Aviation, Culture, and Motor Sport, Oris watches are made for everyday wear and offer the luxury of common sense. That means Oris provides the best possible watch for the money, using useful complications and functional designs. Staying true to a rich heritage, Oris is one of the few Swiss watch companies to remain independently owned and operated.