Zeghani Necklace

# 160-2001636 In Stock

Zeghani Necklace

# 160-2001636 In Stock

Not a typical rock n’ roll fan? Why not try out this “pop-star” pendant that drives a person insane with admiration? This Zeghani 14k white mixed with yellow gold is designed specifically for those with rebellious but charming hearts.

In Stock

This item is currently not in stock and will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive.


Product Details

Stock Number 160-2001636
Style Number ZP1102
Department Fashion
Type Necklace

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Maximes Zeghani

Zeghani by Simon is a luxury jewelry brand that is devoted to producing affordable jewelry without sacrificing the quality, craftsmanship, and the design. A European sensibility, glamorous yet timeless, is instilled into every piece of Zeghani jewelry. Created with unmatched integrity & attention to detail, Zeghani jewelry is distinctive; it is cultured & sophisticated, yet fashion forward.